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Students of all ages and from all kinds of educational establishments worldwide have always been an important part of the development of Kalundborg Symbiosis. Therefore it is possible to write your master's or doctoral thesis about the Symbiosis. E-mail us here, if you wish to apply for a thesis collaboration.

The school paper of one, the inspiration of another
Share your assignment with the rest of the world in our online library, and help inspire more people to create knowledge and ideas about symbioses. We gladly accept assignments from all educational levels. You can upload your paper via the link on the right.  You can explore the library here.

Today we are in contact with the following educational institutions – and many more – which have developed curricula and classes about the Kalundborg Symbiosis:

Yale University

Université de Lausanne

University of Sydney

University of Linköping

National Institute for Environmental Studies

Roskilde University

Kalundborg Gymnasium





Hear the former head of the Symbiosis tell the history of the Kalundborg Symbiosis in 6 minutes here:

Youth Impact


The choice of the word ’symbiosis’ was determined by a high school class in 1991, and we have continuously been impressed by the engagement of students in our growing symbiosis.