The Kalundborg Symbiosis will be the world’s leading industrial symbiosis with a circular approach to production.

By symbiosis, we understand a local partnership where you provide, share and reuse resources to create a shared value.


We have set the following strategic goals to fulfill our vision:

1. Full resource utilization: the water, energy and material flows from the partners are all included in the symbiosis.
Through a systematic approach to the parties’ flows, we will select the greatest potentials and initiate new projects that will ensure continued resource optimization.
Our ambition is 10 fully implemented projects by 2025.

2. Strengthening the partnership: develop and anchor the local symbiotic mindset.
We will continuously identify and attract new members to establish new flows, we will involve and convey contact with external parties, such as universities and visitors, seek inspiration through presentation, visits and study tours, as well as actively support a practical engineering knowledge environment.
Our ambition is an open and value-creating network in the form of an active board and / or sub-groups.

3. Sharing of the symbiotic mindset: inspire others to be part of a symbiosis.
We will support the Symbiosis Center Denmark’s communication and dissemination of industrial symbiosis, documenting societal, environmental and economic value as well as facilitating new symbiosis collaborations locally as well as nationally.

Our ambition is to maintain Kalundborg as the center for knowledge of industrial symbiosis with a practice-oriented approach


The Kalundborg Symbiosis creates sustainable development in our companies through joint projects.

By sustainability we understand the long-term responsible use of resources, in balance with economic, environmental and social considerations.



Our work is based on trust, confidentiality, openness, equality and cooperation.