Kalundborg Symbiosis participate in a couple of EU projects regarding symbioses, waste treatment and green transition.

At the moment we participate in the following projects:

Baltic Industrial Symbiosis (BIS)

The project promotes industrial symbiosis, a concept for sustainable regional development, across the Baltic Sea region. Industrial symbiosis means to connect companies from different industries in order to use one company’s waste, in the form of e.g. energy, ingredients or materials, as a resource for the next company. The project establishes peer-to-peer exchange for industrial symbiosis practitioners. It develops new business and finance models and sets up the BSR Industrial Symbiosis Council as a platform for dialogue and policy learning.

In the project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis, partners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Russia are working together to promote industrial symbiosis across the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. Overall, the project builds knowledge and capacity among innovation actors in accelerating industrial symbiosis development through practice-based cooperation.

Jan 2019 – Jun 2021

EUR 2.5 million

EUR 1.3 million

EUR 0.2 million

EUR 0.34 million


Value Waste

The ValueWaste project aims to demonstrate an integrated system for urban biowaste valorisation through the development of three processing lines. This will lead to the generation of crucial and high-value products for the EU, whose supply faces the following challenges:

PROTEIN – The EU imports 77% of the required proteins for feed or food supplies. There is a need of alternative and sustainable sources of proteins for humans and animals.

BIOBASED FERTILISERS – Food supply depends on the availability of soil nutrients for EU agriculture, such as phosphorous and nitrogen. However, phosphorous sources are depleting, while the production of nitrogen-based fertilisers is highly energy demanding.

ValueWaste gathers 17 partners from 6 EU countries. All together, the whole value chain of biowaste valorisation is fully covered. The implementation of the project relies on the engagement of two EU cities: Murcia (South Spain) and Kalundborg (East Denmark).

Nov 2018 – Oct 2022

EUR 10,863,875

EUR 8,375,472


Project Ô

Kalundborg Symbiosis has extensive knowledge of and experience with the circular potential in water and wastewater treatment. Through Project Ô, Kalundborg Symbiosis will share lessons learned and help accelerate the conversion to a more sustainable use of water.

The overall objective of Project Ô is to provide stakeholders, everybody using or regulating the use of water in an area, with a toolkit that enables them to plan the use of and utilise the resource water whatever its history and provenance, obtaining significant energy savings in terms of avoided treatment of water and waste water and release of pressure (quantity abstracted and pollution released) over green water sources. This overall objective will be demonstrated in up to four sites in different countries of Europe and in Israel, involving industries, aquaculture and agriculture as well as local authorities of different sizes.

Project Ô intends to demonstrate approaches and technologies to drive an integrated and sym-biotic use of water within a specific area, putting together the needs of different users and waste water producers, involving regulators, service providers, civil society, industry and agriculture.

The project duration period is 48 months. In that time period, 22 European participating countries and Israel will be working on achieving Project Ô’s objectives and to demonstrate how local, small loops of water management can be beneficial in alleviating the pressures over a water management system while allowing for a circular economy vision of the resource “water”. While demonstrating technologies and platforms, the project interfaces water resource and spatial planning and fosters social innovation for achieving co-creation and public ownership of the innovative approaches and technologies proposed.

Jun 2018 – May 2022

The project is funded by Horizon 2020
Total cost: EUR 10.692.937,68

22 partners from Austria, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Croa-tia, Israel and Italy.


Nordic Circular Hubs

The project establishes a Nordic Network, which aims to support practical development of Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (IUS) practices in the Nordic regions by increasing communication and cooperation among key stakeholders.

Building on the existing experiences, the project partners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are working together to develop a replicable “Nordic symbiosis model” for accelerated regional circular business development.

Furthermore, the project aims to open and grow a dynamic web-based community of like-minded cities and regions for increased knowledge exchange, visibility and outreach.

Nov 2020 – Nov 2022

Kalundborg Symbiosis (DK),  Eyde Cluster (NO), Paper Province (SE), Linköping University (SE) and Iceland Ocean Cluster (IS)

Digipolis (FI)