Kalundborg Symbiosis celebrates its 50th anniversary with a major conference on 24 October

For 50 years, Kalundborg Symbiosis has been an international role model for sustainable production. That is why we have invited the world to the "Global Leadership Conference within circular economy" which will take place on Monday 24 October in Kalundborg. The large staircase hall in Helix Lab is the focal point of the conference.

In Kalundborg Symbiosis, the city's largest industrial companies work together across sectors and share their surplus energy, water and materials with each other, so that one company's surplus product can provide value for another.Public and private companies are physically connected in the Symbiosis and together they create profits - both the kind we measure on the bottom line, but also the kind that comes from better use of resources. 

Cooperation and innovation

"Trust and openness are core elements of a successful symbiotic partnership. From different sectors, setups and industries, we look at each other's challenges and opportunities in new ways and transform them into new innovative projects, " says Michael Hallgren, Production Director at Novo Nordisk and chairman of Kalundborg Symbiosis.

Manufacturing companies worldwide can learn a lot from the circular model created in a corner of Denmark, and today Kalundborg Symbiosis is known all over the world and helps to market Denmark as a green pioneer country.

"We know that our local efforts inspire others to similar symbioses, " says Lisbeth Randers, secretariat manager of Kalundborg Symbiosis, and continues, "Moreover, the Symbiosis as a local partnership with a focus on efficient resource use can contribute to achieving the government's ambitious reduction target of 70% lessCO2 emissions by 2030." 

The conference is an historic event, bringing together participants from around the world to take stock of the positive changes that Symbiosis has contributed to. It will also unveil new circular initiatives that continue to develop the partnership. 

At the conference you can meet Symbiosis companies, researchers, specialists and some of the enthusiasts who are passionate about industrial symbiosis. It will be a day packed with inspiring and lively presentations, networking, knowledge sharing, panel discussions and guided tours around the symbiosis.

See the full programme on our website, where you can also find photos and biographies of all the speakers.