Surplus from circular production

Manufacturing companies around the world can learn a lot from a small, windswept, west Zealand corner of Denmark. Here, Kalundborg Symbiose has spent the last five decades creating profits through a symbiotic and circular approach to industry and production. One company's profits benefit another.

In Kalundborg Symbiosis, the city's biggest industrial companies work together across sectors to share excess energy, water, and materials, so less goes to waste. As public and private companies are physically connected, one company’s surplus of resources adds value to another. Today, more than 20 different streams of excess resources flow between the companies, creating a symbiosis of resource exchange, adding more resilience and profit to the partners.
The Symbiosis model also creates another surplus — the trust and power of innovation within the community. It benefits the people such as employees, students, and researchers and the climate. We are working together to reduce thousands of tons of CO2 emissions each year. Nor will we hold back in calling Kalundborg Symbiosis the solution of the future. Sustainability and profit go hand in hand – something we want to be the next normal. We are proud that our model is already known and inspires people worldwide, but we would like to spread it even further. Nothing is more evolving than new partners eager to experiment, innovate, and sharing with us.  




Kalundborg Symbiose is a non-profit association, managed by a general assembly, a board and a secretary employed by the board.


The Kalundborg Symbiosis will be the world's leading industrial symbiosis with a circular approach to production.


Kalundborg Symbiosis participates in regional and EU funded projects on symbiosis, waste management and green transition.


Here you can download press photos, logo, infographics and guidelines for using our design, as well as get in touch with our press officers.

Lisbeth Randers
Head of Secretariat
Tel: +45 51 60 26 35

Per Møller
Senior Symbiosis Developer
Tel: +45 60 63 24 97

Nadejda Ulstrup-Hansen
Administrative Project Manager and Communicator
Tel: +45 24 89 78 77

Mette Wendel
Senior Project Manager
Tel: +45 21 60 07 72