Our ambitions

Kalundborg Symbiosis will be carbon neutral within the next decades, be best global case on circular production and strengthen 50 years of shared mindset.



Kalundborg Symbiosis creates sustainable development in our companies through joint projects. By sustainability we mean long-term responsible use of resources, in balance with economic, environmental and social considerations.



The Kalundborg Symbiosis will be the world's leading industrial symbiosis with a circular approach to production. By symbiosis, we mean a local partnership to source, share and recycle resources for shared and increased value creation

Our vision

We have set the following strategic goals to achieve our vision:


Strengthening the partnership: developing and anchoring the symbiosis mindset locally.
In the partnership, we will continuously identify and attract new members with a view to establishing new streams, we will engage and facilitate contact with external parties, e.g. universities and visitors, seek inspiration through presentations, visits and study tours, and we will actively support a practice-oriented engineering knowledge environment.
Our ambition is an open and value-creating network in the form of an active board and/or sub-groups.


Full use of resources: all partners' water, energy and material flows are part of the symbiosis.
Through a systematic approach to partner flows, we will identify the greatest potential and initiate new projects that ensure continued resource optimisation. Our ambition is 10 fully implemented projects by 2025.


Sharing of the symbiosis mindset: inspiring others to be part of a symbiosis.
We will support Kalundborg Symbiosis to communicate and disseminate knowledge about industrial symbiosis, document its social, environmental and economic value and facilitate new symbiosis collaborations locally as well as nationally. Our ambition is to maintain Kalundborg as a centre of knowledge on industrial symbiosis with a practice-oriented approach.