COMET inaugurated their brand new factory in Kalundborg

On Friday 28 April, COMET inaugurated the world's first production plant for the extraction of a special type of dietary fiber from wheat straw.
The new plant has been established in collaboration with Meliora Bio's bioethanol plant, which produces second-generation bioethanol from agricultural straw. Meliora Bio works with Danish farmers to source local wheat straw for the production of bioethanol, benefitting farmers by fully utilizing their entire harvest and improving the circularity of the food chain.  

COMET has developed and patented an upcycling technology that produces innovative Arrabina® arabinoxylan plant fiber extract. The collaboration between COMET and Meliora Bio will create a solid and sustainable business for both partners. Meliora Bio will continue to produce second-generation bioethanol and ingredients from side streams of by-products from the bioethanol process will be supplied to COMET for the production of prebiotic dietary fiber.

"Thecollaboration between these two companies is in the best symbiosis style. It's about utilizing the residues into new products to create more value. In this case, it is straw, a residual product from agriculture, which is aging into a new product, and it is a symbiosis", said Mayor Martin Damm at the inauguration of the new factory.