Study Tour

In the end of June, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure and Kalundborg Symbiosis executed a fantastic inspiring study tour in Denmark. Industrial symbiosis and decarbonization were the head focus of the tour to achieve perspectives and inspiration upon clean industry in the state of Oregon and City of Portland.

Back in Portland the work has already continued with key stakeholders from business, public authorities, and research to advance clean industry. Next big step in the cooperation between Portland and the Kalundborg Symbiosis will be a visit by the Kalundborg Symbiosis in Portland this October. Here, we will do a pre-feasibility study of an industrial symbiosis at an industrial complex, present the facilitator’s role in establishing industrial symbiosis and showcase our tools for creating new partnerships and formation of streams between companies.

The participants of the trip were 27 dedicated partners from companies, government, municipality, and NGOs. The study tour was run as a part of the Portland-Denmark Project activities. The project is funded by the Danish, Energy Agency. Center for Sustainable Infrastructure is a driver of green transition in US, mainly with activity in Washington State and Oregon State.