For 50 years, Kalundborg Symbiosis has been a circular model for the whole world.

In Kalundborg Symbiosis, the city’s largest industrial companies collaborate across sectors and share their surpluses of energy, water, and materials with each other, so that one company’s
surplus product can provide value to another.
Public and private companies are physically connected to each other in the Symbiosis and together create profits – both the kind we measure on the bottom line, but also what comes from better utilization of resources.
Production companies globally can learn a great deal from the circular model created in a small
corner of Denmark, and today Kalundborg Symbiosis is known throughout the world and helps to market Denmark as a green pioneer country. In addition, Symbiosis, as a local partnership with a focus on efficient resource utilization, can contribute to achieving the government’s ambitious reduction target of 70% less CO2 emissions by 2030.