Welcome to the inaugural edition of Symbiosis Stream, where we share the latest happenings and developments within the Kalundborg Symbiosis!

———————————————————————————————————————————————  No. 1, May, 2024
Intertek raises flag in honor of membership in symbiotic partnership
Kalundborg Symbiosis partners with Geokon A/S to develop groundbreaking database tool
GIA project’s third partner event in Central Finland
SV Jyväskylä

Our esteemed associate member, Intertek, proudly hoisted the symbiosis flag to mark the commencement of another year of their symbiotic membership.

Symbiosis chronicles:
A journey through history

Kalundborg Symbiosis logo evolution

In our secretariat, we maintain an extensive archive comprising a diverse array of documents, ranging from newspaper and magazine articles to brochures, emails, slides, and books. Among these invaluable records lies a fascinating journey through the evolution of our logo over time.

Kalundborg Symbiosis enters into a new agreement with Geokon A/S to develop an innovative database tool designed to manage the data behind the symbiosis diagram within GeoEnviron platform.
Our well-known diagram, which effectively visualizes the streams connecting symbiosis companies, will be further empowered by this new tool. The forthcoming solution will manage the underlying data, covering resources, opportunities, and partnerships of participating companies. Additionally, it will facilitate matchmaking among these entities, promoting efficient collaboration and resource utilization.

Key features of the new solution include:
Tailored integrations: Custom-built to meet the specific needs of Kalundborg Symbiosis.
Interactive visualization: Relevant data will be displayed in an interactive diagram tool, providing a clear and dynamic representation of all streams.
ESG Reporting: The tool will be able to support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, ensuring compliance and transparency.

The development and delivery of the tool are expected to be completed by 2024. We anticipate this solution will significantly streamline our processes and make our work easier and more efficient.

In March, Per and Nadejda, members of the consortium, participated in a visit to Jyväskylä and the Central Finland Region as part of the GIA project.
They engaged in a partner meeting and conducted study visits to a variety of companies across diverse economic sectors. The consortium collectively discussed the intricacies of the project’s pilot phase, which encompasses industrial zones spanning Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, and Germany.
In Denmark, our focus lies on the industrial area in Kalundborg, where we primarily collaborate with symbiosis companies.
Throughout the pilot phase, we will assess the certification standard designed for green, carbon-neutral industrial areas. The aim of this certification is to enhance transparency in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it seeks to incentivize companies to intensify their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint.

Kalundborg Symbiosis Board reviewed progress on the new district cooling and heating system

On April 30th, during the latest Kalundborg Symbiosis board meeting, the board of directors visited Kalundborg Utility. The visit focused on the construction site for the new district cooling and heating system, which is expected to be completed in 2025 at a cost of approximately DKK 1.5 billion. Read more about the project here